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Sign Up Now for Yes2You Rewards



Just a reminder to everyone that if you haven’t signed up for Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards, do it now!

You will earn $5 in Rewards for every 100 points. Every dollar you spend (no matter how you pay) you will earn 1 point, so $100 spend equals $5 in rewards. AND Kohl’s will send you extra promotions periodically to earn even more.

You can sign up in-store or online. If you sign up online a rewards card will be mailed to you and you’ll need to show it when you make in-store purchases. You can connect your rewards account to your online account so you will earn points each time you shop online.

Yes2You rewards are issued each month and normally expire on the last day of the month. They work just like any other Kohl’s Cash, so they are taken out before any other discount.


  1. Looking for using my rewards in the future.

  2. I signed up in store on 10-3-14, but my E-Mail had a mistake, the above is correct, Please fix it.

    Thank you, Julie Wilken

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